In 2016, we began curating trips back to Africa with the mission to not only connect the Diaspora, but to also help the world realize how similar we are to one another. 

ThinkAfrica is committed to developing Africa and dedicated to creating experiences that are life-changing. 

Join us on our mission as we continue to take this journey. 



ThinkAfrica is an organization with a mission to connect young professionals in the diaspora to Africa, one country at a time, through trips, events, content and contact sourcing. 

The goal is to inspire young professionals in the diaspora to leverage their skills, ingenuity, and resources in contributing development of Africa. 

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ThinkAfrica focuses on connecting the African Diaspora and friends of Africa with the Continent. ThinkAfrica defines the Diaspora as “anyone who has lineage or roots tied to Africa, no matter how far back”.


The African Diaspora was responsible for approximately $40 Billion in formal remittances in 2015, which is estimated to be approximately 25% of total remittances (most remittances to the continent are said to be informal). As a result, we believe the Diaspora needs to play a major role in the revival and empowerment of the continent through financial investment, ideas, business creation, and more.


ThinkAfrica hosts a series of events, trips, and content that allow people to easily connect with the African continent. We hope that all Diasporans will be encouraged to become active change makers in the African story.



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