I'm a Nigerian American who repeatedly goes to Nigeria but this time it was different especially

Hello, my name is Chukwuemeka “Chuck” Nwaopara and I been to Nigeria 4 times. Every time I went to Nigeria, I went with my family but, this last Christmas I went with Think Africa. Going to Nigeria with ThinkAfrica was not only fun, but informational. I have never met so many inspiring CEOs, principals of big companies, and professional figures that live in Nigeria. I have learned so much about my father’s land this past Christmas. I have also never been to a Nigerian resort, ThinkAfrica has helped me paint a different picture of Nigeria. This not only changed my view of Nigeria, it changed my friends’ view as they viewed at my pictures as I documented my trip via social media.

Think Africa not only open my eyes about my culture, but it helped me to have fun with my peers. I had so much fun going to the market, meeting the King of Ife, going to the professional events, and the Christmas party was also a blast. I can’t wait to go to Nigeria with ThinkAfrica again this Christmas. Thanks again for having me.


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