How I learned about ThinkAfrica and they became Family

I learned about ThinkAfrica about a month before the trip to Nigeria was expected to take place. I actually had just gotten back from traveling to Nigeria for a family wedding and was having the urge to return. So, when I found out about this trip I was not only delighted but also a bit hesitant. I wasn’t sure if this was possible given the time crunch and financial expense—but I look a leap of faith anyway and began to fill out the interest form. And, I am glad I did. The experience was remarkable and so well worth it!

A few days later I got a call from a ThinkAfrica executive member who answered all my questions and addressed all my concerns. Even leading up to the trip, I interacted with several members of the executive team who accommodated me so graciously given that I was one of two who joined the program within weeks of it starting. I was very impressed with this. Soon after my conversations with team, I felt very assured and proceeded to book my ticket. Then, shortly after that I received an information packet—and what a surprise! Everything you would take care of yourself for a personal trip, the ThinkAfrica team took care of. Not sure what to pack? Don’t worry, you can expect a clothing, toiletry, and incidentals checklist. Don’t feel you’re getting a good value? Trust me, you will think otherwise. A detailed itinerary lists events and activities by week (and day!). I could go on and on but I could tell the basic logistics of the trip were covered.

So, with the logistics covered the only thing to talk about next is how I got to Nigeria and the trip itself. Before the trip, I learned I would be joined by a two individuals from the ThinkAfrica group on my flight. Like many of the people who joined the trip, both have never traveled out of the country. Those who did have never been to Nigeria or have not been to the country recently. In fact, this was the beauty of my experience. Everyone had a different vantage point so this made the experience great. Who wouldn’t want to get away from a cold December in the States to warm and summer weather with a group of young professionals all from unique backgrounds with unique personalities? For me, I am more of the reserved type but this did not stop me from making new friends, networking, and enjoying the Lekki scene (professionally, socially, and culturally). It was rare I felt out of my comfort zone and if I did, I had someone to talk to about it. The ThinkAfrica executive team did their very best to accommodate everyone. Now, I feel like I am apart of small family and I imagine it will grow. Perhaps you will consider joining…I can assure you will be welcomed with open arms.

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