"My platform focused on preventive health care in Nigeria" - Yomi Olurinola

Tells us about your experience during the Pageant.

The Miss Nigeria USA Pageant was an interesting and unforgettable experience. I spent a week in New York in a house with 16 other women with different personalities, goals, backgrounds and only two bathrooms you would think that would be a recipe for disaster but one thing we all had in common is our love our country. From making new friends, to having the opportunity to hear the plans and dreams and the hope our generation has in Nigeria was refreshing and I truly appreciate the experience, crown or now crown. It also brought to light for me some down falls our country faces and the obstacles we have to climb for improvement.

What platform did you run on?

My platform focused on preventive health care in Nigeria, the current health care in Nigeria needs a lot of work. It focuses on treating problems once they have gone too far instead of working to prevent these issues from occurring in the first place.Preventive health would not only save lives but money, for example trying to treat or cure someone with an STD or HIV/AIDS is much more expensive than safe sex measures, it more affordable for both the government and the citizens. Preventive health is very broad and includes not only your physical well-being but your mental as well which is something Nigerians and I think Africans as a whole tend to look over.

What do you believe are the 3 major issues burdening Nigeria?

I believe that most if not all Nigeria's burdens tie into each other and once you start to improve one other will improve as well. Lack of adequate education, health care, and electricity are 3 of Nigeria's major burdens, I also think that corruption plays a part in holding back improvements that could have been made years ago.

Tell us how you plan to make change in Nigeria.

By God's grace I would like to open up a primary health care clinic in one location as well as a traveling pop-up clinic with a team of health care professionals in order to educate people in different parts of the country of preventive practices they can do at home and share with their communities so that we can work towards a healthier country.

How can ThinkAfrica assist you in making change in Nigeria?

ThinkAfrica can be an avenue to bring like minds together and also allow me to connect with people who are already in Nigeria working towards change because it's almost impossible for one person to reach an entire country.

What words come to mind when you think about "ThinkAfrica"?

When I think of ThinkAfrica I think of the beginning of a revolution, of people ready to take what experience and education they've acquired abroad or in Nigeria and begin to solicit change for the better.

If you could do one thing during your trip to Nigeria, what would it be?

One thing I would love to do during my trip is work with a team big or small to educate and bring awareness to the community on how they can begin to help themselves regarding their health.

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