Day 1 (S)

Touchdown in Lagos and immediately feel the pulse of the city. Arrive at the boutique hotel to be greeted by the other travelers over drinks and Naija delights


Day 2 (S)

“TA Welcome”

Wake up to Sunday Brunch for our Official Welcome Gathering in Victoria Island @ Casper and Gambini's.

After brunch, we’ll have an Orientation session to discuss security, logistics (upcoming events), phone conversions, money conversion, and to ensure you have everything in your room for a comfortable stay. After eating, we’ll head to the beach for a true Lazy Leisure Sunday in Lagos.


Return to the hotel and play some team building games before we hit the bed to start the week strong


Day 3 (M)

“Back to Business” Part I

Join us as we embark on our first Corporate Visits venturing to 2 different industries. [Please note more information on the corporations will be available later in the summer. The industries we are planning to look at are Manufacturing, Health, Finance, and Tech]

When we return, we’ll have some leisure time to relax at the hotel compound before heading to an informal dinner during our first Fireside Chat. [Please note our fireside chat will revolve around leaders who are dedicated to Africa as much as we are and will center around industries we didn't venture to during the day]

Day 4 (T)

#fortheculture Part I

We head to Ife. What is Ife? Ife is an ancient enchanted city about 3.5 hours away from Lagos into the country. We'll spend a night and visit many cultural heritage spots as it's known for being the place where the creation of life began.


Day 5 (W)

#fortheculture Part II

Upon our return from Ife, we'll relax at the hotel and join in the community room to learn some Nigerian modern dances.

Once we're done learning the latest moves, we'll head out for some  hookah and suya overlooking the water while listening to some Afrobeats and discussing things we saw in Ife. 

Day 6 (Th)

2nd Annual Startup Roundtable

The roundtable is a great event where you'll receive first hand information about penetrating into Nigeria's market from entrepreneurs.  You'll have an opportunity to meet & greet with the movers and shakers of Nigeria’s start up culture and engage in conversations that are transferable to your goals. 

We'll go to Yellow Chili's for dinner.


Day 7 (F)

“Back to Business” Part II

We’ll finish our corporate visits at 2 of the remaining industries. [Please note more information on the corporations will be available later in the summer. The industries we are planning to look at are Manufacturing, Health, Finance, and Tech]


Once we’re done, we’ll join a couple well to do people for a happy hour session in Victoria Island. 


Day 8 (S)

“Shop. Seek. Explore”

There’s something about a market on a Saturday morning. Take some time to shop in one of the popular markets in town. You’ll also be able to get pieces sewn to travel back to the states with.

Once you return from the market, we'll get ready to head off to a well known gallery called Nike's Art Gallery and then head to dinner.


Day 9 (S)

"Sunday Funday"

For some much needed R&R, we'll head to La Campagne Resort where we’ll enjoy kayaking, horseback riding, beach activities, and meet with some of the locals. 

Day 10 (M)

"Volunteer/Platform Day"

After we return from La Campagne, we'll put on our long awaited initiative into work. [More details to follow about volunteer/platform day]

Day 11 (T)

#fortheculture Part III

By this time, we'll feel like we're a local and know the area but we'll receive an informative historical tour of Lagos. We’ll have a tour guide who will guide us around Lagos. We’ll visit mainland, the slave port, a couple museums, etc. Then, we'll return to the market for any last minute items.

Our last meal as a family before we all depart from Nigeria.


Day 12 (W)

Depart LAGOS

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